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Civid-19 Information for Contractors

Material Handling
  this Tool Box Talk includes:
What can go wrong.
Common Mistakes
Safe Storage Practices

First Aid, this Tool Box Talk includes
Importance of Caring for Minor Injuries
First Aid Kits
Caring for Minor Injuries

Confined Space - Awareness, this Tool Box Talk includes
About Permit-Required Confined Space
Hazards of Permit-Required Confined Space
Employee Responsibilities 

First Aid - Cold Stress, this Tool Box Talk includes
Cold Stress Prevention

Excavations Basics, this Tool Box Talk includes
Importanr Terms
Basic Requirements

Occupational Health Carbon Monoxide, this Tool Box Talk includes
Detecting CO
Common Causes
What to do.

Eye Strain, this Tool Box Talk includes
What is Eye Strain
Common Factors of Eye Strain
Preventing Eye Strain

Workplace Conflict Harassment - this Tool Box Talk includes: 
What is Harassment? 
Effects of Harressment 
Preventing Harressment
Ergonomics Shelves & Racks - this Tool Box Talk includes: 
Storage Area Safety
Safe Material Handling

Incident and Injury Reporting - this Tool Box Talk includes 
Accident V Incident

Severe Weather - this Tool Box Talk includes
What to do

Defensive Driving - this Tool Box Talk includes
hy you should be a defensive driver
How to drive defensively

Workplace Violence - this Tool Box Talk includes 
Types of Workplace Violence
Handling Workplace Violence
Preventing Work Place Violence

Crane Safety - This Tool Box Talk includes:
Crane Hazards
Controlling Crane Hazards
Importance of Signaling

Forklifts for Construction - This Tool Box Talks includes
Training Requirements
Operator and Pedestrian

Safety Trench Protection Sloping and Benching - This Tool Box Talk included
Hazards and Solutions

Fall Protection Warning Lines - This Tool Box Talk includes
When Appropriate
Where Warning Lines are Needed
Setting up Warning Lines

Fall Protection - Guard Rails - This Tool Box Talk included
When Guard Rails are Needed
Guard Rail Requirements
Wire Rope Guard Rails

Fall Protection - When and What Types - This Tool Box Talk includes
Why fall protection is needed
When fall protection is needed
Types of fall protection

Lockout - Tagout  Affected Persons - This Tool Box Talk includes
Control of Hazardous Energy
Who is an Affected Employee?
When Lockout Tagout is Used

Scaffolds Aerial Lifts - This Tool Box Talk includes
Preparing to use aerial lifts
Operating aerial lifts
Working near aerial lifts

Fire Protection - Fire Extinguishers
The three elements of a fire - Plus

Hazardous Materials
- Flammables and Combustibles
Flammable v Combustible
Safe Use

Power Tools - this topic covers
Common Hazards
Safe Use

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